Pupils Enrollment


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This deals with number of children per class from pre-school to standard eight both boys and girls in the school. The number can change from time to time due to transfers as the main reason, dropouts or due to new admissions. There is no descrimination when admitting. However the requisite documents must be availed for authentication.

The said documents are :


  • Birth certificate
  • Refugee pass for the refugees
  • A letter from the government clarifying the status of a non-kenyan 



Welcome to Edelvale Primary School

We are a mixed public primary school with a population of 700 pupils currently.All dayscholars. 

We are located …

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Stake Holders

These are the people who play a role in the welfare of the school.

They include:


World Vision Kenya (Soweto ADP)Edelvale TrustSchool Management …

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